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Smart Workout for Women only!

Livia Club is open every day of the week from early morning to late evening all year around.Here at Livia, we use the most up-to-date exercise techniques that ensure an enjoyable workout, making you feel more energised. Training with Livia is a safe and supportive way to help you improve your strength and gently tone your body.

 Personal training for every member

Your unique use-friendly Smart Card offers you access to the club and a personal tailor-made training program. Your training program is downloaded onto a SMART Card and you check-in via the user-friendly Client kiosk. After each training session, you receive clear and precise feedback on your training session and development.

Livia workouts take just 30 minutes

Mornings/lunchtimes/afternoons and after-work sessions can be set aside and you’ll still have time for your day-to-day activities whilst improving your fitness and body shape without even realising it!   30 minutes 2 to 3 times a week is ideal.

Everybody is not the same

Livia Clubs exclusively use HUR Smart air resistance equipment which is designed to accommodate the fact that everybody is not the same. The equipment matches the body’s natural muscular movement using smooth air pressure technology. - The result – safer, more effective exercise for people of all ages and abilities.

Livia training is optimized for both resistance training and aerobic exercise. This combination can be more effective than a simple weight control, aerobic-only program. With Livia training you can burn more fat and tone up your muscles at the same time. If group exercise is a challenge for you, try Livia training!

Here’s the Smart bit

If and when you improve your target on any machine, the software automatically updates your program to make it a little more difficult next time, thus ensuring you are always improving your fitness without even thinking about it! Each machine is controlled through a high quality touch screen which guides you through your workout.

The screen displays your training program, resistance, number of repetitions and sets. During exercise, the machine automatically counts repetitions and an auditory signal is given once a set is complete.

No long term payment

Training with Livia has numerous long term health benefits and membership is very flexible so no long term payment commitments needed.

  1. For 39 euro we issue your Smart Card with access key to the club. One hour personal introduction which includes your Health and Wellness review on our state-of-the art Tanita Body Composition machine and set up of your personal exercise program.
  2. One month training fee 59 euro gives you unlimited use of the club - workout when you want to - no booking required.
  3. Livia membership continues as long as you like.
  4. For only 10 euros you can take a training break month during summer holiday or for a long period of sickness.  
  5. We only take a limited amount of members.
  6. We have various membership plans to suit everybody.

Personally experience our new way to exercise – we hope that once you’ve come to meet us, you’ll feel at home and understand for yourself, the mental and physical benefits of Livia Club.

Visit us for a free trial at your convenience!  Booking required by email

Call us for more information at 040 844 2094

Your Livia Club team